May 30, 2007

It's a beautiful Day

No the title and what I am about to write has nothing to do with each other. I was listening to that song by U2 and just typed the title:). It's getting hot and everyone back home is worried as to how we are doing in the heat. Heat? What heat? We stay at home during the day with Air conditioning set to 72 degrees. We go out for walk late evenings when it's very nice and even if we need something we get into the car which is usually "pre-cooled" by Prabu before we step foot outside ( talk about being pampered). SO it's not all that bad. When we do get the electric bill this month is when we will know the real deal;).

V's been as usual. Cranky a little bit and trying real hard to push our limits. He finally figured out how to use the pacifier and we do give it to him when he is really really cranky. Chaitu called and wanted to know if V sat by himself with no help in the car ( see picture below).

Well first Prabu was holding him from the side but after 2 minutes we didn't need no help. Our man was pretty good by himself. Even at home, when we put him on the floor to play, he rolls over for a bit from one end to the other but then immediately tries to get up. Funny guy, I tell ya.

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Anonymous said...

Yo Thevars!
Doesn't look you're missing the party scene in fee-nicks:-) Other than that I laughed & agreed with your posts(Re missing NJ which I didn't even like to begin with) and AZ-AP, no difference (temp wise). Good to catch up on your new life, Call the hicks in PA sometime:-)