Jul 13, 2007


and celebrations. That's what today was. I will be working from home pretty soon ( August 2nd week to be precise). It's the same job I was doing in NJ. The only difference, working from my home in my pajamas ;). Very exciting. Who wants to go car shopping with me;)? I also made a sweet dish in the evening ( kind of congratulating myself). My first Indian desert ever. Came out pretty good. I will add the recipe soon.

We went to an Ethiopian restaurant to celebrate. Dinner was nice, great food and V was well behaved. On our way back, he threw the mother of all tantrums we have had to face so far. He was just crying for no reason. We pulled over, made him relax for few minutes and started driving again and there he was crying like there is no tomorrow. I felt like we need to pull over again and sooth him but then Prabu gave his cell phone to try to sooth him and phew, it worked (If you met Prabu, you know how the guy is about stopping while driving. You tell him to stop for a bathroom break and he will drive as fast as he can, not to stop at the nearest rest area but to reach the destination before then ( I need to stock up on those NASA diapers.LOL)). He slept within 5 minutes while playing with the cell phone. He hadn't slept all day properly today and throw in teething with that, he wasn't happy sitting in that car seat. Any who we made it home safe.

What a night:). We came home and he was just happy as a puppy. He is teething and getting very cranky. The little guy is also trying to stand on his own:). I took some pictures of him yesterday. I will post them later on. Right now I am just too full with all the good food I ate and I just need to go sleep.

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