Oct 28, 2007

Where do I even start

Breathe... Breathe.... Not you , I am telling me to breathe. Ok let's go. I am watching Bommarillu for the 49th time so I should feel better by the end of this post.

Vikram's fever came down on Thursday. We dragged him to the doctors office on Friday to get his flu shot. He caught a cold on Friday night and it hasn't come down yet. Poor thing. His nose is blocked, so he has to breathe with his mouth and he had a hard time doing that last night. So what did he do? Ended up crying till 10 in the night. We took him out for a drive after trying everything we could to calm him down and make him feel better. Once we came back and took him to his room, he saw his bed and went and slept without a noise. I felt so bad for him. I am sure there would be more things like this that I have to deal with as he is growing up but yesterday felt like the most horrible-est(I know it's not a real word) day of my life as I just had to let him cry and nothing we did would sooth him. Oh well! Live and learn.

I had to get that bad part out first. We did have some good things too. Babloo anna and Julie came over to spend the weekend with us and it was fun. V played with them and seemed to have fun. Four of us went to Phoenix Art Museum and it was good. I will probably take V there when he is old enough. Babbi and Julie wanted dosas all weekend:). Mom made dosas for breakfast and dinner but we also had mexican and Indian for other time.

I just stopped by at the jewelery party to pick up the catalog. I know they said I don't have to buy but I feel guilty and they kind of caught me in my most vulnerable time. Usually when I am down like this, I try not to look at shopping catalogs. But now I think I am gonna go order me a ring or two perhaps ;).

Here is V at the end of his fever and before the start of his cold. Look at his tired eyes. My Poor Babbooski.


Dolly said...

Ekkkk..ring or two..shouldn't have picked up the catalog. hahaa...

Hope Vikram feels better soon. Does sound like a rough night...

Lakshmi said...

Poor baby,
Kallu ela aipoyaye? Verri Naganna ki Drishthi Tagilindi. Ammani Dishthi teeyamanu