Jan 6, 2008

2008 - Year of .....

I don't know. It could be year of anything.I make no resolutions and as far as I know my man doesn't either. We had a nice dinner and Som and Saritha's for New Year's Eve. V didn't want to sleep 10 in the night but finally managed some how. Talking of V, he is doing much better now and growing up way too fast :). He is picking up few words and wants to be in the kitchen all the time making dosas(pancakes). He loves to hang out with momma in the kitchen. Prabu is afraid I will make him the next Jamie Oliver. LOL.

I got bunch of movies form Sarita and have been watching once a day for the last week. So the delay in blogging. I also need to upload bunch of pictures. I will do that soon. I promise.

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Dolly Patel said...

Its 2008 - MY YEAR?!!!!!! :)