Apr 15, 2008

"We multiply like we mathmatease..."

I have been listening to the old Back Eyed Peas song and that's all I keep singing. Any who, looks like I should be awarded "Stupid-ass-don't-know-her-math mother of the year" award because V is not year and half old yet. Mind you, no one said that I should get that award, I invented it myself.

Prabu's mom mentioned today that V is born on November 14th and he will be year and half on may 14th and not yesterday. My dad says he completed 17 months yesterday and turned 18 months so he is year and half old. I was sitting there watching them figure it out and all I could think was, "Dang, I am tired. I really could use a nap". I know I am a Comp. Sci. major and I should be good at this but I swear you brain dies at time when you have 6 kids to take care of and adding a year extra to your age in few weeks.

I took my nap and felt better only to be made to work my butt off by my Pilates instructor. Apparently, she doesn't like to hear, "Cheryl, my hands do not touch my feet". She's the eternal "you can do it sow" girl and I love her :). So yeah, I am getting one hour of bliss every week. I should add some kick boxing to my routine too, to relieve my stress and kick some butt;).

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