May 15, 2008

The Real One Year and Six Months

Yesterday was actually when V turned 18 months. I goofed up last month. It was nothing spectacular. I took V to get his first portraits done and boy was it hard work. The photographer kept asking/requesting him to stand on the red light and he kept walking/running around the light and away from it but not on it. We finally got some good shots and I will find out how good they actually look in person in 2 weeks.

Prabu's Parents will be leaving for India in 2 weeks. I have to see how V will do with out them. He's gotten very attached to the grand parents. They have been with him for 7 months now and it will probably be tough for few days for him.

On other news, a new bug bit me. It's called sewing. I dabbled into scrapbooking and it still is my obsession. Since we moved from NJ, I lost my craft space and with V it was getting hard to spend time on it (excuses, I know). Any who, I learned sewing when i was in high school in India and recently I got back into it. With the help of my mom, I made a simple dress. It's not the greatest but it's coming out good. I will try and post pictures of it as soon as it's done so I can get me some validation;).

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