Apr 17, 2009


Thanks to Mr. President's Cobra Stimulus Package, I was very busy at work. I have no worked that hard in my life, neither when I was in school nor at any other jobs I held :). To spare you from the technical talk, let me just say the project is now done and no I am still not off the hook. Annual Enrollment is just around the corner. Since I didn't start this post to bore you with my work, let's get into business now shall we.

I didn't know when March ended and when April started. We did have fun in between though. Madhu, Rajan and Leela visited AZ for Leela's spring break. We had so much fun. Vikram followed Leela where ever she went and it was too cute to see them together. May be I should convince her to come here for every winter :). This picture was taken on the day they were leaving which also happened to be Tamil New Year's (hence the Indian outfit V's sporting). For some reason I love it. The sun light form the window, Leela watching V from the corner of her eye... just too adorable in my book :)

We also spent last weekend at Babbi and Julie's place in Hopi and V had his first Easter egg hunt :).

This month's going to fly. Babbi is visiting us next week. Week after my uncle and aunt are visiting us from Chicago. And then....I will be flying to NJ on May 2nd with V, mom and dad. Woohooo.

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