Jul 12, 2009

Looking for "The One" again ...

Get your brain out of gutter. I am talking about a hairstylist..lol. Few months ago, I thought I found the perfect one who knew how to handle my hair. I am very picky because I am very sensitive when it comes to my hair and I hate rough handlers and people who burn your scalp in the name of blow drying :).

Went back to her for another appointment last week. First strike: Didn't want to cut my hair because well, you will regret it she said. Fine I gave in. Second strike: Let's not do the color you want, let's go lighter for summer and it didn't come out great. Fine. Third Strike: She wnated me to come visit her church.

No, no and no. No, it's not because my religion says I cannot go to a church and no it's not because I am busy with my temple activities. I just don't even go to the Hindu temple regularly. I go when I feel like it. I go at 7 pm on a Wednesday when I know there will be no one and it's just so peaceful. So thanks to her, now I have to go looking for The One again.

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