Nov 19, 2009

Three Years

Vikram turned 3 last Saturday. We had a small get together at our house with few of his friends (Whose parents are our friends ;)). Every day for the past 2 months, I kept telling myself, forget the project craziness at work, work's going to be here, go start planning V's birthday party. Never happened. Instead of the birthday hoopla I envisioned, we had a fun and friendly evening of good company, kids laughs and a fire truck cake with fireman's hat candle :). V didn't care either way whether his momma made a big deal or not. He promptly said "Thank You" to everyone who wished him on that day and was less cranky (could be due to the fact that I went a teeny bit over board with the gifts).

Here's him showing off one of his gifts that I picked up in Vegas.

I did a fire truck theme (V's first Love) and even baked a fire truck cake.I never did a cake like this in my life before, tried my best to make it look like a fire truck. Bought red velvet cake mix and the fire truck cake pan and tried to slap on the icing as best as I can. No one in the family said a word but V wanted to know why I was cutting his fire truck into pieces :).

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