Mar 23, 2011

Questions And Statements

V has been sleeping in his room by himself for a while now. Before bed ritual now includes tickle time with Prabu, brush, book and bed. Right after he gets into bed, he loves to chat and call us every 2 minutes :). For few days he tried, "Amma, I need 10 hugs and 10 kisses today". And I fell for it. Then I realized, he would hug me and won't let me go. Brat I tell ya :).Then he would call me or Prabu saying, "But I have a question". Here is last week's conversation between him and Prabu

V: Appa
P:Time to sleep Vikram
V:But I have a question
P: Ok, what's your question?
V: Amma recorded new Mickey Mouse for me today
P:That's not a question. That's a statement. When you ask something it's a question. When you just say things that happened that's a statement. So call us if you really have questions. And even if you do, ask them during the day if you can :).

Fast forward to today. I pick him up from pre-school and he says, "Amma, I have a statement". I had to try very hard not to laugh. So I said what's your statement honey. "I had a great day at school. How was your work?"

Gotta love the brat at times :). Here's a latest picture of him. He tries very hard to dress like Prabu :).

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