Mar 23, 2012


It suddenly dawned on me that V is five years old. He is very considerate, tries his best to follow what we tell him and also has a personality of his own. No he is no perfect. I try my best to make sure that doesn't happen. So we also go through our share (and some times more) of tantrums, fights, arguments (oh he argues all right!) and tempers.

We were in NJ for a week and at the airport he said I am his 'Kisser-Hugger-Lover-Joker'. I honestly did not understand what he was talking about. He explained.
V: You are my Kisser-Hugger-Lover-Joker momma
Me: What? What does that mean?
V: You give me best kisses. You give me big hugs. You always love me and you make me laugh all the time with your funny jokes.
Me: Awww..... Thanks honey.

It would be fun to see what goes on in their little brain and how they come up with these things.

Here is a recent picture of V at the railroad park

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