Jun 29, 2012

Summer 2012

Now that V is in school, everything has to be planned around his schedule. Can not take days off from school on the whim. So this year most of our vacations or time off was planned around his school calendar. This is also the year I realized how much V enjoys traveling and visiting new places. We went on a 4 week trip to India. No no, not a vacation, a trip. I always want to take a vacation right after I come back from India. Don't get me wrong, I love to visit the family and I get to see some of my family but man the 30+ hour travel from Phoenix and all the nonsense when I get to India, it definitely dampers the excitement a bit.

We visited Prabu's native place Bodi where V met his great-grandmother and had such an awesome time. He actually wanted to stay few more days there (so did I. I love me some Bodi kind of place) but we had to get back as Prabu's Niece's school started. In India kids in high school seem to get very few days of summer holidays. We also went to Hyderabad for 4 days to attend my cousin's wedding. V also got to meet his BFF from Phoenix in Hyderabad and had a sleep over :). It was a good trip. V had a great time. Prabu had a blast. I had fun. All I need now is a shot of tequila so I can start planning my next trip to Italy (Hey V wants to go and I do whatever V says ;)).  And don't ask me how India is. You don't want me to open my mouth on that subject :).

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