Apr 25, 2013

Knock Knock....

All the things you think don't pan out at times. You end up crying in front of your kid. You end up doing exactly the same thing you didn't want to do. Life is a bitch at times and it bites on certain days. Today was one such day. Getting cooked inside the house working long hours and not seeing sunlight for days doesn't make it any better. The thing is work is my solace at times. That's where I get my kicks. I work hard, I kick ass and I am damn fucking good at what I do (Yes this is where you go looking for the meaning of narcissist in the dictionary. Don't look for long, I am right here.). And like always, every time I put more hours at work, start feeling good, depression and doubt kicks in and it all comes tumbling down in a matter of seconds.

The fact of the matter is, my brat is my lucky charm. For me personally things have never been better than when we moved to AZ and we moved here when he was 6 months old. This is like the best and worst time of my life at times. I work, I make money, I have a life and that's about it. I probably have bunch of Nordstrom Rack receipts to prove that I make money. Nothing more and nothing less. For being such an impatient person, I got everything in life at the most slowest pace I can ever imagine. I never thought I would wait so long for the things I am waiting for. And I know there are things I can wait forever and I am not getting them (If I ever meet you God, hide, because I am gonna kick some ass when I get there).

So today V noticed I was sad and when I went to put him to bed this is what he had to say.

V: Knock Knock
Me: Who's there?
V: Hug
Me: Hug who?
V: Hug you every day every year.

That's my brat. I hope I don't mess up in parenting so much that he loses this funny side. The day might have been horrible but he made my night and many more days to come.

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