Sep 17, 2007

Oh Men !

No, I don't meant it in a funny way today. I mean it in "oh-these-men-do-get-on-my-nerves" kinda way. We all know I work from home and my dad thinks, the minute the clock strikes 2 pm (which is 5 pm in NJ, I work eastern time) I should shut off my computer and walk right out of my office/bedroom and take care of everything. I was happy when I didn't know he thought that. Now that I know, it irritates me sometimes. Come on, it's not like I shut myself straight 8 hours from 5.30 am. I make coffee for you ( twice), cook lunch in between and take care of V in between and other stuff while working. So yes, I do have to work beyond 2 pm. The funny part in this whole thing is, my dear brother has been working from home for the last 5 or so years and my dad never ever said anything like this to him and he never will. Again, oh men!I kinda expected this kind of attitude when I was taking this job but still it ticks me off and nope, I am not going to blame my anger on thyroid this time ;). Don't worry I did give him a piece of what I thought about his comment and ever since he is been trying to be super nice to me ;).

Speaking of men, do you know I have got two lazy men in my life. I hope V doesn't join their cult ;). They ditched my idea for a night out to downtown Phoenix to get a drink on Saturday. Chaitu asked me why I need a drink so badly. Honey, let me tell you something. When you take care of a 10 month old, work full time, clean, cook, do laundry and million other things, you do need a drink once in a blue moon (Please don't quote any woman who does all this and more and doesn't drink ;)).

Today I wanted to go get some ice cream and they are both busy and I don't know how to drive a stupid 5 speed car. Dang, I need a hot fudge sundae. That or I need to make new friends here in Phoenix. No one comes out because of this stupid heat and the one's who are in our apartment are 20 something singles who are more interested in playing volley ball every week than to talk to the neighbors. I should join them probably. Heck I can use some exercise.

Prabu is going away for 2 weeks on business trip coming Sunday. I think I will just surprise him by picking him up from the airport in my very own car. So who wants to join me in my car shopping. I promise to buy you a drink later ;).

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