Sep 27, 2007

Someone is home

Prabu is coming back to night. He was supposed to stay till next Sunday but he is coming tonight and will go again sunday. Niceeeee :).

V is getting bigger and naughtier:). He found another friend in the complex. She is 2 years old and name is Adarshini. She came to play with him today. He kept saying "ba ba" to her. I guess he was trying to talk :).

Oh how can I forget this, I got a nice surprise package day before yesterday. It was from my girls Patti, Rosa and Show-may. Oh how miss them. It was a package from Harry and Davids with apples, pears, nuts and candies. It was so good. Thanks you guys. Love you and miss you :). I guess that's why I dream of going back to working at Meta Solutions one day. It was the best place I worked so far and everyone who works there makes you feel like we are all one big family. It's just wonderful.

Work is getting busy. I had 3 hours of sleep last night. I guess that's the drawback of working from home. You just cannot shut down and say I am going home :).

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