Feb 21, 2008


I usually don't talk much about movies here because thats the job of Dolls. She gives her reviews and then I decide whether it's worth it or not :). I saw a movie yesterday and it put me in a very pleasant mood(which is hard to get now a days:)).

The movie name is "Vivah" which in Hindi means marriage and is a Suraj Barjatya's movie. I am a big fan of his movies. His movies have this subtle romance and a very deep too-good-to-be-true chemistry between the lead pair which I don't find in most other movies. Any who, I heard horrible reviews about this movie. SO never bothered watching it but I did now because Shahid Kapoor is the hero and I am glad I did. This movie came in a time when all everyone was talking about was action, cheesy flicks. This movie does make you say, "Oh, come on. No one talks like that anymore". Well, no one kills the bad guys and gets away either but we are watching those movie so why not give this a try.

There are only 3 movies that give me goose bumps ( not the scary goose bumps) and this is now the 4th.


Dolly Patel said...

I saw Vivah long time ago. Agreed it was cute.

What other 3 movies gave you goosebumps? :)

Sowjanya Yinti said...

Hum Aapke Hian Kaun
Hum Saath Saath Hain
Ninne pelladatha ( telugu movie. but its been dubbed in hindi)