Jul 17, 2008

Weekend of 07/13/08 :)

Prabu and I had the Sunday to ourselves and decided to go watch a movie. We saw WALL-E. I told you we are romantic. I tried to lure him to go watch Sex and the City with me, but he nicely declined ;).

I have also been catching up on lot of Telugu, Hindi and Tamil movies that I haven't seen in a while or missed it somehow. I hate violent movies(unless it has Sallu in it). So I have been catching up on all the mushy-romantic dramas I can get my hands on.

Oh and Chaitu is now US Citizen. And I have been given a responsibility. So where ever you are my future Vodina (Sis-in-law), contact me as we need you soon or the family is gonna kill ME. Make sure you are fair, you have long hair and you have mix of east and west qualities (whatever the heck that means) ;).

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DSP said...

WALL-E was better than SATC. I loved WALL-E !!!