Dec 10, 2008

My Trip to Atlanta - Part 1

Part 1 because I am still here and will post part 2 once I am back in Phoenix on 17th. I was dreading the 3.5 hour flight ride to Atlanta from Phoenix. Just me and V and I wasn't sure how he would do. (touchwood) he was such a good baby. He got upset twice: When they took his shoes off for security and when I gave the stroller at the gate :). The security people were very nice and so were the fellow passengers. One of the ladies helped me with the stroller. He ate a pizza, slept for an hour and a half on the plane and watched movies.

Here's few things I learned from this trip. A week before we were to leave, Prabu and I talked to V about how we were going to go to a new place on a plane. he had a book on planes and he got all excited that he will go on a real one. I took lots of distractions. These are not his regular toys he played at home. I bought a pack of 8 tiny cars form dollar store and opened it on the plane and V went crazy over it. He didn't even notice me putting the seat belt and the take off.

And ladies and gentleman, portable dvd player should be your new best friend if you have young kids. We bought one for this trip and boy was it a life saver. Once in the air, I played his favorite DVD and he was good to go. Also, I bought few snacks just in case. Something I usually won't let him have much at home :). Chips, Chocolates. He actually didn't care for them at all :).

Vani has been making good food and Srikar and Vibhu have been entertaining Vikram. Chaitu is coming this Friday and he is taking me and V to Colombia to visit some of our friends. I cannot wait. Finally I will get to go out after 5 days :).

Since I jinxed it, I am thinking I will have a bratty V on the way back.

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