Dec 17, 2008

My Trip to Atlanta - Part 2

Woohoo, I am home. Trip went fine. Not an issue in Atlanta or on the way back. V was super good and very well-behaved to the point that the guy sitting next to us said, "You and your husband should be proud of the way you are raising him. He is very well-behaved." I told him, it's just that V is trying for the Oscars this year and so he is trying to put his best performance and has nothing to with me or Prabu.

Since I read so much about kids acting out on planes, Prabu and I kinda worked hard on making it a good experience for him instead of making him feel like he is stuck on a plane for few hours. We bought a book on planes and helicopters week before I were to leave for Atlanta and got him all excited about it.

Instead o taking his existing toys on the plane, I ran to party city and picked some party favors. A pack of 12 mini cars, a pack of 24 sun glasses (he loves them). These were actually cheaper than buying regular toys. He loved when I opened a new pack on the plane. The portable DVD player is my new best friend on travel and the walks me and V had on the plane.

Over all it was a nice trip. Had fun times with the family and had more fun coming back home.. All about that in the next post :)

Here are some pictures of me and Vani and also V on the plane with his loot.

And this is V all wrapped in my scarf. He walked from one end of the plane to the other like that and said hello to everyone whether they saw him or not :).

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