Feb 22, 2009

"I eat Meat"

Since we spent Valentines day bringing mom home form the hospital, I decided I need to go out and have a "nice" dinner. I searched high and low for some good places. Picked an Italian place that I thought was good because they do not use dry pasta but make their own. What an utter disappointment? After shelling $140 for both of us I walked out shaking my head and thinking, "I could so beat that Chef in making Italian food myself." The appetizers were good but the dinner was a total disappointment.

Also a note to all you waiter people. Just because I am brown, doesn't mean I am a vegetarian. So please do tell me the Lamb and veal specials you have because I might be interested in ordering it. I can hear you describing the specials to the table next to us and I am surprised you didn't care to tell me those specials. You do know what happens when you ASSume..... right?

I think I am going to spend some time and money and create a "restaurant corner" in my dining room and make those dinners myself than pay these so called "high-end" restaurants and walk out disappointed.

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Moses said...

Here is a good video on meat: http://meat.org