May 10, 2009

Selfless or Selfish?

You must be wondering what a strange post title on mother’s day. I hope I make some sense at the end of this. If not you can chalk this up as one more strange “Suji-ism”.

Happy mother’s day to everyone who acknowledge today:). Finally my age and the fact that I have a 2 year old has caught up with me and the meaning of “Mother” is slowly starting to make sense to me. Mother’s are selfless and selfish at times. Selfish because they would love nothing more than having their kids in front of their eyes as long as they live (no matter how old the kid is) and selfless, well isn’t it obvious, they are willing to keep you in front of their eyes for the rest of your life :). Think about it, would you really put up with this if it wasn’t your son/daughter:

“I wish Jane Doe’s mom was my mom. She’s so cool.”
“I wish my mom would dress a little nicer. She’s embarrassing me.”
“Mom, stop embarrassing me. You can’t just hug/kiss me like that in front of my friends.”

Even though my mom never said, “You will know when you have kids of your own”, I have heard it from others. When they say that, I never understood if they were cursing us or if they were hoping we would understand the shit (ignore the pun) we put them through. I cannot predict how V will be. I am pretty sure he will not be needy when he is 21 and I will definitely embarrass him more than once in coming years. He just has to accept that that’s part of my “Mom Resume” and there is nothing he can do about it.

One thing I realized after all the fights I had/have with my mom, at the end of the day she’s my mom and I love her for that, no strings attached:). And after 2 pretty serious/scary hospital visits of her in last 8 years I have come to appreciate the fact that no matter how different we both are, we both are happy that we are able to see each other and know that we are trying our best to be good :).

And what did my mom get (here comes the selfish part)? Well, I was able to take her to her favorite store and say, “Pick anything you want and do not ask for the price.” It was just our way of showing, you are worth it and you can because we are right behind you trying to make up for things you didn’t get to enjoy so far. The best of all, V telling her that she should get a necklace and not a ring (yes the sales associates would love to have V back in the store ;)).

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