May 4, 2009

When Our Plane Danced.....

Mom,dad,V and I landed in Jersey Saturday night. V was a good boy all along the 4 hour plane ride. He got 2 cookies from he air-hostess for being such a good boy (I wish they gave him a Pear instead. He prefers fruits to cookies and chocolates). When the flight took-off from the run way, we went through severe turbulence and the plane started shaking pretty bad. V got little worried. So in an effort to not let him be afraid of planes, mom and I told him that the plane is excited to have him on-board so it’s dancing. The only dance he understands is the Punjabi “Balle-Balle” that his friend does. We said the plane is basically doing a balle-balle for him and if he wanted to join in on the fun. So V raises both his hands and did a balle balle (basically he just threw his hand up in the air few When he came to NJ, he couldn’t wait to tell anyone who asked him how he came that he came on a plane that did “balle balle”.

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