Feb 1, 2010

Family And Friends

V and I are in Jersey for a 6 week trip. This whole working from home has been a blessing and curse at times. I hardly take vacations because, well as long as the place I am going has wi-fi, I am down connecting to VPN and working away. So this trip is also a working-mini vacation. Advantage of it is I get to meet family and friends without feeling too guilty about using up all my vacation days :).

Flying into NJ went smooth with V. He was very good on the plane, ate a Caesar salad with the dressing to the surprise and amusement of the flight crew. We also had a very interesting conversation in mid-air

V: I want to be a Rocket Pilot when I am big and strong
Me:I think people who fly Rockets are called Astronauts right? Remember the book you read about them at home.
V: No amma, Astronauts fly rockets very fast. Rocket pilots fly the rockets very gently. So I want to be a rocket pilot.
Me: Ok then. You can be a rocket pilot (Oiy)

Back to Jersey, weekend flew by with family get-together. Had too much food, wine and fun. V got to meet some of my cousins that he hasn't seen in long time. He was super psyched to meet Leela and Anand again and was following Leela wherever she went.

Hoping to have some more fun this weekend if weather and work permit. Mr. President passed Michelle's Law which means I am back to working long hours (Phulease, you really thought the mail you get from your company about your annual insurance benefits was done via a copier. There is way too much drama behind the scenes for that piece of paper that you throw in the trash without even opening it at times ;))

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