Jan 18, 2010

Dear Happiness,

I thought I had you in my hands when I first held V 3 years ago, you lasted for few hours before nurses took over and feelings of sudden depression, sadness and fear took over.

I thought I had you at my feet when I bought my first pair of Weitzman's on sale, you lasted for one dinner and 3 compliments.

I thought I had you the day my manager said I got promoted, you lasted few hours (at the end of which I found out that the promotion = 30 extra of hours of work per week + $50 increase per paycheck, I guess you are not a Math major either).

I seem to have you at length when I am singing away, but you see that's just not practical. I can not start singing "Let's get loud" in my office meetings or "Waiting for tonight" on Friday evenings.

I see you everywhere and still cannot seem to have you forever. Since you know I prefer better things in life to last forever (in your case more than few hours), could you try next time to stay for more than 24 hours. Oh and while you are at it, go spread some of yourself around the world too. Everyone needs you more than few hours

~Yours Truly

PS: Yes, we are waiting ;)


Ambica R said...

Nice one Sowjanya! :)

Jaydeep said...

Very well written Sow!

Dolly said...

Very touching, Sow!!