Sep 8, 2010

Changing Professions

Nope. I am not quitting my job and becoming a Chef. It's V and his lovely thoughts on what he wants to be when he grows 'big and strong'. He is still going strong with his love for bikes, trucks, rockets and cooking. Odd combo you say? Not at all. Few weeks ago on Master Chef the task was to cook hamburgers for truck drivers. I recorded the episode and I can't tell you how much V enjoyed those 15 minutes :).

When we were in India, he was cranky one afternoon and to put him down for a nap, I started telling him about Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. He now loves to hear how they landed on the moon and all about rockets and NASA :). So last week on Top Chef, the task was to create a space food dish. And they had none other than Buzz Aldrin as Chef Guest. I missed my camera but boy oh boy. The way V's face lit up when he saw Buzz Aldrin on screen was just priceless.

Before he saw Master Chef Episode he was saying

"I will drive my Hayabusa during the day and cook at night"

After the Master Chef Episode it was
"I can cook in the truck"

And now as of today after watching Top Chef, he's decided to be Head food Scientist for NASA

It's fun to see how far kid's run with what they know. I hope he reads this one day when he is graduating from college without a Hayabusa in hand ;).

Here's my little Chef/Helper (Photo Credit: Julie:)).

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