Sep 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Ganesh!

Last Saturday was Vinayaka Chavithi. V has seen an animated movie on Ganesh (the Elephant God), so he was very excited when I told him it's Ganesh's Birhday. His first question was , "Are you making a cake for Ganesh momma?"

I did not make a cake but told him we will have some pooja to do and the itsy bitsy traditions that go with it. This is the first Indian festival he participated 100% and sat through me reciting the mantras and the story and all that Jazz. He was very excited that I got him new clothes. When I showed him the Kurta pyjama he wanted to know if "Do you have a matching kurta pyjama momma". Well I didn't but found a pink saree (yes he's wearing pink, get over it).

Then we started with the slokam

At the end of the pooja my boy sang "Happy Birthday to you Ganesh" :)

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helmet hair 365 said...

Your son is adorable!

Margaret (aka deputydog @2Peas)