Oct 15, 2010

Hide Me......Now!

Before Mr.Smarty Pants gets a bit too smart. V's friend R comes over to play with him every day or every other day :). After he leaves, I tell V to clean up the room. Usually he says, "but momma R did it". Then I have to remind him it's his toys and so he needs to take care of it and doesn't matter who did what.

Last night after R left I told V to clean up his room and that I would check back in 20 minutes. 20 minutes later I found him playing with his car wash toy.

Me: Why are you still playing? Can you clean up first?
V: I am not playing. I am cleaning.
Me: I see all the toys on the floor. Where did you clean.
V: Look momma I am cleaning all my cars at the car wash.

If any of you have a response to that let me know. I was kinda speechless for few minutes :).

R walked in today to play with V. As soon as they went to the playroom I hear V telling his friend,

"R, you are making a mess. You have to clean up after or play nice". By then my mom was on the floor in the kitchen laughing (can't laugh in front of them ya know;)). R said he just wants to play and doesn't want to clean up. You would think V would let it go? Nope. Tat came V's response, "Don't you clean up after you play in your house?" Now will you hide me :).

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Dolly said...

Ahh kids. lol

We so turn into our parents...