Oct 11, 2010

Rewriting The Lyrics

Few weeks on his way to Karate class V kept singing. I uploaded few more on you tube. Here is a snippet. This is a random song.

He also is in a "I am going to change lyrics to popular song" mode. Some of them include:

Original Lyrics: "I like to move it move it"
Vikram's Version: "I like to poo poo poo poo"

Original Lyrics: "I am blue da ba dee daba di"
Vikram's Version: "I am brown da ba dee daba di"

Original Lyrics: "Rama Rama Krishna Krishna" (This is the title song of a telugu movie)
Vikram's Version: "Rama Rama Vikram Vikram"

I don't even make an effort to make him sing the correct version any more because I am busy laughing :).

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Dolly said...

I am brown da ba dee daba di