Nov 14, 2010

Four Years - A Truckin' Birthday

V turned 4 today. We had a small party for him at local Imagination Avenue. It was super fun. I tried to do a truck theme this time. Hand made the truck invitations since I couldn't find anything that was to my liking. For the favor bag, I made some crayons at home using candy molds. They are pretty easy to make. It takes time to peel all the paper of the crayons :). Using a double boiler, melted all the crayons, poured them into molds and then off to the freezer for 30 minutes they go and you get this:

If you want to do this, make sure you get crayola crayons or any good ones. I did one batch with Crayola and one with a pack I picked up from local dollar store. The dollar store ones have less wax and so they came out a little "muddy" and took a long time to melt. Crayola ones were fast and easy to make. For the cement truck, I melted silver color crayons and used a brush to paint the cement bin and wheels :). Boys got small spider man and bob the builder bags with crayons, truck and candy. Girls got some fun flower bags with crayons, horse carriage and candy. I did think about keeping trucks in their bag too but I know these kids and they would have hated me for it :).

V had a lot of fun and was psyched about the the party and the fact that everyone was there for him. I made a truck cake from scratch. Last year I cheated and used cake mix from box :), but this year I slaved into making a chocolate cake from scratch and did a 3D truck cake using small and big bread loaf pans. I also made some chocolate cars at home so as to make it look a bit like transporter truck :). Wheels are oreo cookies and the cables and exhausts are twizzlers and head lights are candy :). It took 5 hours but I am so impressed with it and so is V:).

I made individual car cakes (Using a cars cup cake pan) for kids. I let the kids add the icing and sprinkles :)

He also received a package via FedEx yesterday and the fact that FedEx guy came to our house got him so excited. Prabu's parents sent him a gift. you can see the excitement in his face opening it :)

It was a fun day with lot of family and friends. Here is my little brat :)

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