Feb 10, 2011

Can you get a new program?

I logged into work this morning and had an email ready about an error in production. I got into thinking mode on how to fix it and Vikram, who was getting ready to go to school noticed. Here is the conversation (Yes he knows about mainframe. Don't ask..lol):

V: You ok momma? you have angry eyes.
Me: Oh no hon. I am just thinking about an error.
V: What's an error?
Me: Well, amma made a mistake in a program I wrote.
V: In your mainframe?
Me: haha yes, in MY mainframe :)
V: Why don't we go get a new program?
Me: lol
V: I have a great idea momma. We can may be get new mainframe.
Me: Yup. That's it. Thanks honey for your help.

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