Feb 24, 2011

Lying My Way Through

Mom left for Atlanta few days ago to visit cousins. Dad left for NJ today. I tried preparing V for it but every time I brought up the idea that the grand parents might be going away for few weeks would make him sad and he would start crying. So I decided to deal with it when the day comes. The day after mom left he asked me where she was. I said she went out and will be back. He came home from school and didn't find her. I gave him the same response. He then went to check their room to see if she is may be "tired and sleeping". I felt so bad for the little guy. He was crying/upset last three days asking for my mom to come back.

Today he came home from school and noticed my dad missing too :). He had tears in his eyes when he asked me where Maathe and Thatha are. I just lied my way into it and surprisingly he did not cry and almost seemed like he was ok with it. Here is the conversation we had:

V: Where are they amma?
Me: They went to visit a friend who is sick honey.
V: Did he hurt himself?
Me: Yes
V: What did he hurt?
Me: His leg
V: Right leg or left leg
Me: Right
V: (Pulls his pants up on right leg), Can you point to me where he hurt himself?
Me: Here on his knee
V: Oh ok. So maathe and thatha went to make him feel better.
Me: Yes

Couple of hours pass by and he comes to me and says:
V: What's the name of their friend amma?
Me: Ram I think ( Why can't I come up with a name quick enough is beyond me. Don't ask)
V: Haha. That's a funny name. Doesn't sound like a real name right?
Me: Well there are lot of people with that name that we know
V: Yeah, you are right amma

I don't know what I did/said was right or wrong. All I know is it was just sad to see him be so upset and I wasn't ready to have a "Deal with it, people come and go" conversation with him. This way at least he knows they will be back soon :).

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