Jun 5, 2007

6 month visit

to the doctors that is for V. He had 3 shots today and he cried exactly for 28 seconds and that's about it. He slept all the way home and in the evening he removed the band-aids by himself and handed it over to me with a smile. I wish I had mom take a picture of that. It was just too funny watching the little guy hand it to me like, "Here, I am done wit dis."

He is gotten very attached to his new toy as you can see below.

No silly, look again, he doesn't want the new Wizard Mickey that Chaitu got him this weekend. He wants that empty water bottle so he can do this:

So to re-iterate what every one told us, kids at this age don't care for real toys. They just want those empty bottles and cardboard boxes:). He also likes the junk mail we get. It's like a daily ritual now in the house. My Dad brings mail home. And then in the evening Prabu gets home, V and him go through the junk mail one paper after the other and V gets to play with the empty envelopes. He loves it:).

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