Jun 26, 2007

A Big Sigh

What did I do today to let that big sigh? Cooked food like there is no tomorrow. here is the story.

Even with mom around to help, I feel like I am not getting enough time to spend with V. I spend hours in the kitchen cooking lunch, dinner, evening snack, 3 sets of coffees and the cleaning, doing dishes, laundry and all. In between I spend some time with V but I feel like it's not enough and I also wanted to reduce the time I spend in the kitchen. Not to mention the work I do in between for Chaitu and Prabu( I am their personal-take care of-all our paperwork-and bills-and appointments-and anything -else-assistant;).

So yesterday I cleaned the kitchen inside out to get it ready for today's cooking marathon. Today I made 5 different kinds of dals( recipes to come soon) and 2 curries. Mom will be making another pulusu(kozhambu) and I will call it a day. From tomorrow all I have to do is grab a dal or lunch for the parents and they are good to go. I got me some salad stuff and morning star burgers. So my lunch is taken care of too:). Hopefully this should reduce my kitchen time:). Did I mention I was fasting today?;);)

V was very helpful today. Surprisingly he slept for 4 hours in the afternoon while I was cooking away. He hardly naps for more than an hour every day in the afternoon and I was surprised to see him sleep that long. He loves to help his momma. He is slowly starting to stand on his own by holding things and crawling pretty fast. We should be ready to do the annaparasana soon.

Here are some pictures mom and dad took today.

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