Jun 25, 2007

Fun Weekened

Ignore the title. Sorry for delays in posting. Been busy with like a billion of doctors appointments, filing for citizenships, passport renewals, calling in for future doctor appointments, cooking, cleaning and the list goes on without mentioning the too much fun I have in between by just sitting with my feet up and not doing anything sometimes.

Chaitu was here for the weekend ( actually he came in on Wednesday;)). V refused to get down from his Chaitu mama's lap:). Saritha, Som, Siddhi (from here on will be referred to as the Parikh's ;))and the 6 of us went to Pei Wei for dinner on Thursday. Pei Wei is the sister restaurant of P.F.Changs. However, it's diner style and much relaxed. Food is still goooood. On Friday we had dosa party at our place for dinner. I made sambar, potato curry, tomato-onion chutney and coconut chutney and mom made the dosas.

So on Friday we bought some books for V. You know those cushiony soft books for infants. And on Saturday we went to outlet mall and bought more toys for V. No we did not learn the lesson that kids at this age don't care for toys. That toy store trip was more for us than for V. He absolutely didn't seemed to like anything in the store. We did pick up couple of things that "we" liked. We come home, open all the bags and see if V liked nay of the toys or clothes we bought him. He crawls past all the things to go grab mom's red water bottle. Nice, I know. So I figured I might just buy a box of tupperware and let him play with it. Once he is done, I will just use it in my kitchen. why bother with those fancy toys that he doesn't even like to look.

I think we try to buy toys for kids at this age because those are the once, we adults get attracted to and not the kids. Hey but it was still fun ( trying to justify purchases here):). You can see all the new pictures here.

We still haven't decided on which house we want to buy and when. Every time we decide to settle down on the house, we get a call saying they reduced 10 or 20k on it. So we are just waiting to see how the market will be in next few weeks to months and then figure it out.

That's it for now. You all get back to your regularly schedules programs while i go make my lunch. Ciao

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