Mar 8, 2010

BFF Anyone?

Last week V and I had a conversation in the car while driving (Somehow we both talk all the fun stuff in our drives). Topic was about friends and best friends. He was telling me how he thinks Rushil is his best friend and that he can not wait to show his new toys to him after he goes back to Phoenix. Here is the rest :

V: Do you have friends momma?
Me: Yes I do hon.
V: Who are your friends?
Me: Well you have met them. Jay mama, Dolly masi, Avik mama and...(he cuts me off right there)
V: What about Vikram?
Me(Trying so hard not to laugh): What about Vikram?
V: Vikram is your friend?
Me: Yes, you are my best friend too.
V: ok
Me: Now that we are friends, we need to listen to each other and not throw tantrums.... ok?
V Ok :)

Fast forward to weekend.

Me: Vikram, last chance, get back and put your pants on or you are going on a time out.
V: Hold on amma. 5 more minutes
Me: I gave you 20 minutes and we are running out of time.
V: We are best friends right. You should listen to me momma.

The End :)

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wholarmor said...

Heehee! What a cutie!