Mar 18, 2010

Say Thanks!

You don't have to try too hard. Simple words. Thank You. That's all it takes. It seems like the first words we teach our kids are how and when to say thank you and please. But in that process we fail to see that adults need to be reminded of these words too in between. Like every other parent, I taught V about the importance and proper usage of these words. I say proper usage because my sneaky little brat thinks I will let him get away if he says "No brushing tonight momma, Pleeeaassseee". Sorry that doesn't work.

Coming back to the point. When we went to Vegas few months ago, one of the things I wanted to do was visit as many "celebrity" Chefs restaurants as I could that allow 3 year old :). Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill was one of them on the list. I called ahead and they said not a problem to bring in V. They had high chairs for kids and V didn't waste no time in flirting with the hostess. Food was good but the service just sucked. Waiter served us with water and V said "Thank you" without me having to prompt him. His thanks wasn't acknowledged. V turns to me and says " Aa abbayi you are welcome ani cheppaledamma" (That boy did not say 'you are welcome momma). Prabu and I told him, may be he didn't hear V so it's ok. No big deal.

And now yesterday, V and I were walking towards the house from the parking lot and we saw our neighbor was trying to juggle bunch of bags and a tray with food. I offered to help and she handed the tray to me. I took it to her car and she told me where to put it and I did. Then she just walked away to her house. V who was standing next to me watching all this says "Oh aa ammayi thank you cheppadam marchipoyindamma" (That girl forgot to say thank you momma).

So all you boys and girls, don't let my 3 year old teach you good manners. He is not a perfect child (I make sure that he is not ;)) but he does pick on these things. Bad part is not only do I have to do damage control at that second but I also have to make sure he doesn't take advantage of these situations. He tries to pull "I said thanks. You didn't hear me" once in a while and I have to remind him that he needs to say i clearly and not mutter.

Oh and Thank you all for listening/reading ;).

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wholarmor said...

Little kids are the best teachers!

I am sure to say Please and thank you whenever I can, and I instill it in my kids to do so also! Thanks for sharing your blog!