Mar 24, 2010

Who's The Chef?

V watched Ratatouille last week for the first time and it's been his post-dinner movie every night since then :). He knew the meaning of "Chef" before watching the movie, so he was just super excited watching the movie and thinks he is the "Little Chef" and I am the "Chef" :). Here is a conversation we both had today while I was in the kitchen making dinner.

V: Momma you are the chef.
Me: I guess. Because I am cooking now?
V: No you are cutting fast like little chef in Ratatouille.
Me: Ok then, I am the chef :)
V: You are the chef for me
Me: Ok. I am your chef. So you better get to the dining table then, dinner is almost done.
V: And Madhavi attha is Rushil's Chef (Rushil is his BFF who lives next door and Madhai his mom:))
Me: Yes, Madhavi attha is his Chef
V: Who is Chaitu Mama's Chef?
Me: Hmmmmm I guess Maathe (my mom) is Chaitu mama's chef.
V: No
Me: No?
V: I don't know. Maathe is not Chaitu mama's Chef

So if you know who's the chef, let me know... will ya! ;)

Here's my "Little Chef" helping me with making dinner few weeks ago :)

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