Apr 8, 2011

All 'Growed' Up

April 4th was Ugadi. I am back to working crazy hours but decided I should cook something different considering it's a festival. So between debugging and deep-frying, I didn't have time to take V to the park. I asked him if he wanted to go by himself. He gave me a look of surprise and then got all excited that I am letting him go by himself. It's right across from our apartment. So he got ready with is helmet and bike and I gave him a list of instructions :).

Me: Play nice. Don't talk to strangers.
V: Yes amma
Me: If your friend says, "Come to my house and play"...
V: I shouldn't go right. I should come to your house.
Me: haha. It's our house honey :). If your friend wants you to come, you need to come and check with me and let me know where you are. You can't just go without asking permission because I will be worried.
V: I will come back in 10 minutes and tell you.

So off he went. He came back and was super excited. It's like he accomplished this major task by himself. Now his favorite thing to say is, "I will be five soon amma. I am all growed up". Yup that's his 'word'. Now you know why we have him doing reading at Kumon :).

Here's him wearing Kingsley Flood T-shirt (It's mine - he is 'sharing'lol). He calls it 'Naseem Uncle's shirt' :).

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