Apr 11, 2011

Get Some Wine For This Cheese (A.K.A Love Story 2001)

"Oh My! He is hot"
"I think she is the boss's daughter"
"So he is a consultant here eh."
"Really? She works here?"
"Good lord. He is shy"
"She is very talkative"
"I think I will just ask the gang for a movie"
"I want to take her out for dinner on my birthday"
"Nice, finally he's got my number"
"I will call her after work"
"My dream phone voice. My dream phone voice"
"Ok. So girls are crazy"
"I bet he thinks I will pick a chick flick"
"I can't believe she picked Blair Witch 2"
"I can't eat. My stomach is full of butterflies"
"No wonder she is skinny. She hardly touched her food"

"Her name is Sowjanya and I want to marry her"
"His name is Prabu and I just asked him to marry me"

Circa 2003 :)


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