Apr 26, 2011

'You Get What You Get'

Few weeks ago V came home to announce his teacher told the class "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit". I ran with it. I have never heard it before and I love it :). Fast forward to yesterday when Prabu was cutting a cantaloupe and asked V to get him a box to store it. Here is how it went down:

P: Vikram, could you get me a box to store the fruit please
V: Here appa
P: It's very tiny, could you give me the big one.
V: You get what you get and you don't throw a fit appa
P: Well, I am not throwing a fit. You can say that if I was asking for something that's not there. You can see the fruit I cut up won't fit in the box you gave right?
P: You see a big box in the cabinet?
P: Well, then you can not say that in this situation because we have a bigger box to fit the fruit.
V:Oh, I am sorry appa. Here is a big box.

I wish I recorded the conversation. I was in the living room when the conversation between the two started and towards the end I locked myself in the bathroom laughing hysterically (Sorry Prabs...lol). I just can't believe the brat gave it back to us.

Here's him in Atlanta making funny faces like his cousins:).

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