Dec 10, 2011

Five Years - Dr.Seuss Themed Birthday

V is into Dr. Seuss's books and I ran with it as a theme. I did not bake, I did not cook. All I did was enjoy it as much as he did.  This birthday felt extra special to me because Vodina was here to celebrate and I must say she made it perfect. I had the idea but she brought it all together with these little touches that made it extra special and extra beautiful :)

I will talk less and let the pictures speak for themselves. Most of the ideas were picked up from searching google,pinterest and other sites. The t-shirts were from Etsy. Party hats, cloth banner are from Target. Happy Birthday banner - Prabu put it together (Yes he is awesome and no you can't have him;)).

Birthday Boy

All the 'Things'
 Gold Fish crackers :)

The hats are from Target

Banner is from Target. Goody bags contained A Dr. Seuss Book, Pencil and an Eraser

Coloring Packs we made for kids as an activity

This cucumbers and carrots inc ups was an idea I saw on pinterest

Instead of regular cake, we ordered cup cakes (Mini and Regular).
Vodina and I made the toppers with toothpicks and Dr.Seuss Foam Stickers :)

I love the way Vodins decorated this :)

The 1-4-3's (Loves) of my life ;)

V in his class on his birthday :)

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