Dec 24, 2011

Merry Christmas - Take That Political Correctness

Merry Christmas. Yes, you heard me right. I said it. No happy holidays. Just plain Merry Christmas. What the heck holidays are people talking about? My client is going live on New Year's eve and it's official that I will be holding champagne in one hand and will be on the phone with my team on the other on New Year's Eve. I am also retracting my vacation and will be working part of next week. So spare me the 'Happy Holidays' and just wish me Merry Christmas. I have been "celebrating" Christmas since last year. Why the change? Well, I am glad you asked ;).

You see, V came home last year from pre-school ad decided it's time we have a Christmas tree because, well where else can Santa keep his presents. This year he is in Kindergarten and the same deal. You would think people will leave the 'political correctness' bullshit aside and actually teach the kids about what Christmas, Hanukkah and other festivals are all about. Nope. Christmas = Santa + Gifts + be good so Santa gets you gifts + did I say presents? Hanukkah = Recipe about Latkes. Here's what is ticking me off. Look, you want to teach my kid about Jesus, Christianity, Jews, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and whatever other things there are - go for it.  But don't just teach the non-sense and not the real thing in the name of being politically correct. So the kid has no clue why Christmas is celebrated, what Hanukkah is all about but all he knows is Christmas = presents from Santa.Yes, I am the mother and I do let him know the real deal. But you know as well as I do that when lessons come from school, it makes a huge impact than the parents. Especially at his age where these kids think whatever they learn in school is the Gospel. If you are going to teach them, teach them from A to Z, not just some PC crap. Thank you very much.

He brought home a wish list he wrote for Santa and a worksheet of recipe on how to make Latkes. That's the extent of his knowledge on Christmas and Hanukkah. I need to go torture my friend C to give me a first hand account of Hanukkah as celebrated in her family than looking up Wikipedia about it. Then I need to explain him what Christmas is all about. I will be the first one to admit, anything that has gifts/presents tagged to it, I am all for it. Hell, I want some presents from Santa myself (Santa, if you are reading this, get me some love, diamonds and Loubutins). But I know the real deal too.

On that lovely ranting note, here's wishing every one a Merry Christmas :).

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