Nov 22, 2008

Match Maker I am Not!

Everyone in the world knows my brother is single. That guy is happy being single and has not made any efforts to find someone. Meanwhile, I am getting my ass kicked by the family for not making any effort in finding him someone. This where you say, "What the EFF?" I also get, "You are settled, you should help him." Again, WTF. He is 20 flippin 9 years old and if he doesn't care, why should I?

Now that mom and dad are in India, I get these weird calls from mom.
Mom: Babai wants to know Chitu's salary because they are looking girls for him and the girl's parent's would like to know how much he is making.
Me: Mom, I called to find out how you are doing, I told you I have nothing to do with Chaitu and his marriage
Mom: How can you not know what Chaitu is making?
Me: Huh! Did you not hear what I just said.
Mom: I am sure Prabu knows. Have him call me
Me: Mom, you are tripping, no one knows how much Chaitu is making except Chaitu himself and we do not care.
Mom: Ask Prabu and let me know.
Me: You know what, I am hanging up.

She also got me in a wrong time and mood. I am already ticked off/frustrated with Prabu working long ass hours on weekdays and week ends ( Yup he won't be home tonight till 3 am) and feeling like a single mom. I got too much shit to take care of around the house, not to mention managing a full time job, full time mom (V doesn't have day care yet),full time cook, maid and what not and somehow I have to take on the responsibilities of being a match maker. No thank you.

Here is a perfect Saturday night hen V slept early and I am sitting here worrying about if I was rude to my mom on the phone. Damn, I hate feeling guilty and hate how parents do that? I am 110.89% sure one day I will do that to my children, so when I do, I hope this blog post comes back to kick me and makes me open my eyes.

I am off to enjoy my Merlot and a Salman Khan movie. If no one else, at least my boy friend makes me feel better :).

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