Nov 3, 2008

Say Please!

We taught V to say Please and Thank You. He has gotten very good at it. We don't even have to "make" him say it. Ok, all fine and dandy. However he just taught me and Prabu the lesson yesterday. Prabu and I told him to pick up his toys and put them back in their place. He turns around and says to us, "Please". What happened then? What do you think happened? We got embarrassed. Apologized to him and said, "Vikram, pick up the toys, PLEASE" :). We should have known better :).

I booked my tickets to Atlanta to Visit Vani and Vitti and I am excited :). V will get to spend time with his cousins. And I also get to see my friend from school(from Kadapa) after almost 12 years. I am so psyched to meet her.

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