Nov 21, 2008

Second Birthday

This is also my 250th post on the blog. How nice :).

Last week was pretty rough on me. V started being cranky and not sleeping, not eating. I couldn't see any physical symptoms of fever or anything. Wednesday was the worst. At one point I almost packed my bag and thought of leaving for Jersey with him. And then he would quiet down and start. This went on whole day and he finally slept at 10.30 that night. I thought to myself, "Ok he is sleeping good. Tomorrow would be better." he woke up cranky and I just called his doctor. The nurse asked me why I wanted to bring him in. My response, "So that you can tell me what's going on because I give up at this point." She asked me to come in, checked him and said nothing is wrong, he is getting teeth and since he is also turning 2 this is normal. Alrighty then.

So by Friday he was better and we had a small get together for his day planned. Took him to the temple. The priest did a 30 minute pooja and V was such a good boy. Sat through the whole thing without a beep. I just couldn't believe how he was this monster one day and such a good baby the next :). Evening went good. Made good food, ate, V got some great gifts that he loved. He was very excited to cut the cake.

Next day he kept singing happy birthday to you. He also wanted to wear his "cake jeans". Well, cake jeans is nothing but the outfit he cut his cake in the night before :).

Here are uploaded pictures.

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