Nov 24, 2008

My Life - An Episode of "Friends"

If you are as nuts about the show "Friends" as I am you will remember the episode, "The one with Boots". In that, Monica buys these ridiculously expensive boots only to find out that they hurt like hell. I just did that last week. The silver lining, mine weren't expensive at all. I still will wear them but man do they hurt. Hey, have to pay some price to make it look good.

On non-boot news, Chaitu is coming this Thursday and I am super psyched. I finally have a menu set. I think next year I have to convince my whole familia in Jersey to come to AZ for thanksgiving since weather is much nicer here at this time ;). I know it's easy for me to just fly out there but man the thought of cold weather makes me tired :).

And as for a solution to my post the other day, I called Chaitu and told him he needs to fidn some one soon and get hitched so he can also get to be miserable once in a while like all us married couples are and then I can live happily ever after since my mom will be off my back.

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