Dec 26, 2009

Birth, Death And An Engagement

Before I start bombarding you all with a million pictures and a trillion posts about the Hawaii trip, I wanted to share some good news, bad news and some exciting news :). My cousin Keerthi had a baby girl few weeks ago. I finally got hands on the pictures and the name :). Here is Pragnya Kollipalli. Both mom and baby are doing great :).

My mom's aunt passed away in Delaware last week. She was suffering from alzheimer's and it probably sucks to say this but everyone was a little relieved because she truly was at peace finally. I don't think any one should go through that kind of suffering. It was hard on the whole family to watch her go through the pain. The funeral was yesterday and unfortunately I couldn't be there.

Here is the exciting news.. Ready....1...2....3... Chaitu found a girl who said yes to him (She ddn't tlak to me first , may be that's why ;)). Yes ladies and gentlemen, he found his match. It all happened very fast and I do have only few details that she is a girl ;) and her name is Srujana. That's all I can give out right now ;). I will provide you all some pictures and all that jazz soon. I promise ). Chaitu is in Australia right now visiting Pragnya :). Once he is back I might have to fly down to NJ just to see his face and make fun of him (oh yes I will). I spoke to him yesterday and I could totally feel his happiness. Ahhh... the young new love ;). So yes, I will be a sister-in-law soon and I will have a sister-in-law :).

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