Dec 14, 2009

Get A Clue.. Will Ya?

CNN reported today that Chris Brown killed his twitter account because he is upset that his new album was being blackballed. This sounds exactly like my 3 year old screaming "I don't want time-out". Well you should have thought about that before putting sand in your mouth. I wondered about this. Should Chris Brown be given any more news coverage? Should we allow him to get on TV and tell us his side of the story? Would that really make a difference? Not in my book and I am sure that's the case for several others. He either thinks everyone should forgive and forget what he did or he truly believes what he did was not wrong. I am going to go with the later. People can forgive, but can not forget. The day pictures of Rihanna's bruised face went public, his career was over.

Oh, Mrs. Woods, please don't think I forgot about you :). If you really did hit Tiger Woods (I have seen Rihanna's pictures, I haven't seen Tiger Woods Bruises), you are no less than Chris Brown in my opinion. There is always a different option other than domestic abuse/violence. There always will be a different path to take than raise your hand on your partner. The second you decide not to go with that option, get ready for the consequences.

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