Dec 29, 2009

Hawaii Trip - Part Deux

After relaxing, enjoying the resort and their Luau, we headed out to visit Akaka Water Falls. V kept calling it "Kaka Water Falls". It was funny because "kaka" in Prabu's mother tongue means crow :).

On the way out we stopped by to get some fresh coconuts to drink and also got to taste "Ice Cream Dates" for the first time :).

V kept posing with his "Shaka" sign for me.

Local cafe recommended we visit black sand beach on the way back to the resort.

We headed to Kilauea Volcano the next day. I had to pick up a book for kids on volcanoes because V loved and appreciated what he was about to see more when we sat and read the book together:). You can see the volcanic ash emission behind him in this picture below.

Here is moi at one of the steam vents:)

Prabu and V on their way to the viewing center to see live lava flowing into the ocean.

And the fireeeee ;).

What did we do last 3 days there? R and R baby! We hung out at the pool, beach, enjoyed sunsets by the beach :).

Here is a link to all the pictures.

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