Dec 12, 2009

CEO or Driver?

Chaitu wants V to go to Princeton. Prabu says, "I want him to go to a good school" A.K.A, he better work his butt off and get into an ivy-league. My mom can not make up her mind between wanting him to become a Surgeon or Civil Engineer (Yes,my family is that weird n case you haven't figured out by now). I usually say he will get a bachelors after high school irrespective of where he can get himself into. There won't be "I am not going to college" talks. Honestly I think he is going to grow up, look at us and go, "I am now 18, I have a brain. Let me use it and tell you what I want to do and where I want to go". Honestly I secretly wish he does something different and excel in whatever he picks. Not that I look down on surgeons or civil engineers or Scholars. I am all for people who pick a different road than rest of the crowd.

Yes, I am coming to the point. So V indirectly told me he will be different from anyone in the family. We were chatting the other day about garbage trucks, his current obsession. So instead of keeping my mouth shut, I said "Well, once you eat your meals properly, grow up and go to good school, you can start your own trucking business and you can be the CEO of your company". He slapped me with a super fast reply:

"No CEO Momma. I want to be big and strong and be a trash Truck Driver"

Oh yes honey, no one in our fmaily is a trash truck driver, you so will be different ;).

Here is his tiny collection of trash trucks:

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